If there’s one thing that can take you further, that can empower you to reach higher levels of greatness than you ever imagined possible, it’s making one key thing a priority: the health and performance of your body.

When your body is functioning in its peak state — when it’s free from the inflammation, deficiencies, and toxic overload — you can do more, be more, and stress less.


Currently : Health Coach & Wellness Writer

Formerly : Finance Executive

I partner with high-achieving people — like you — who are determined to become the CEOs of their health and vitality. That means I facilitate your freedom from living off adrenaline rushes, caffeine dependency, and afternoon crashes, and teach you to cultivate pure vitality — something that gives you direct access to more energy, better brainpower, and higher performance. My approach leverages the efficiency of nutrition science and habit change so that you become the master of your wellbeing. 




to Optimize Your Performance

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