Health Coaching

I hired Michelle to get honest with myself about diet and exercise (while originally feeling like I had it mostly under control!)   What I didn't expect was a complete shift in my attitude about food, easily breaking a lifelong addiction to orange juice, and the realization that less is more when it comes to intense exercise.  After 6 months, my legs no longer feel like blocks of wood, I feel healthier, and I'm at a weight that I haven't seen in decades.  This is the best investment I could have made for myself.  Thank you Michelle for sharing your gift and passion for healthy living with me!  Liz C. 

"I've entirely shifted my attitude towards food." - E.C.

I'm a 30 year-old female, living a fast-paced, VERY stressful life as a political consultant in Washington, DC with my great husband and dog. Working with Michelle allowed me to be able to better utilize my limited free time with great techniques for de-stressing, and self care. Also, Michelle opened up my world to great nutrition and tons of new healthy habits. While working with Michelle, I saw myself reaching for healthier food, losing five pounds and keeping them off, throughout a very stressful 2016 political season. Michelle taught me SO much. I learned how to stop watching calories and watch nutrition instead. I was able to begin prioritizing protein (without just eating meat). Oftentimes, the worlds of nutrition and exercise can be very daunting, especially if you are a newbie which I was! I have never been someone who was able to open up emotionally to a trainer or nutritionist very easily, but working with Michelle was different. She was able to connect with me, understand the difficulties of my job and eating well. 

Michelle will open up your life to a whole new world of great nutrition, exercises and lifestyle changes. She will ease your body and mind into everything and before you know it you will be eating better without even thinking about it and fitting in exercises every day. Michelle is easy to work with and very down to earth. She isn't intimidating (as I've found some other personal trainers/coaches to be) and I promise you will see positive and FOREVER life changes once you begin working with Michelle! I have a very stressful job -- and this past year in particular was especially wild. With Michelle's help I was able to survive and thrive while also eating well and exercising! - Whitney F. 

"As an entrepreneur working from home I had been struggling to improve my nutrition habits for over a year with limited sustained success.  Michelle worked with me to create a customized plan to incrementally improve all aspects of my health, gave me super actionable advice and suggestions, and was an excellent accountability partner.  She was very organized (providing excellent notes from our session) and turned nutrition from a chore to a fun learning experience. After working with her, I look and feel so much better and I've been given the tools to continue to improve my health into the future."  - Chris S. 

"I haven't felt this good in over 10 Years." - Cathy T. 

"I am a 30 year old woman who lives and works as a designer in NYC. I am a recovering running junkie and health enthusiast, and I came to Michelle after years of feeling like my efforts to live a healthy lifestyle were not paying off for me in the way I expected. I was putting in so much work, and not getting the results I deeply wanted. After completing Michelle's health coaching program, I have dedicated myself to a new strength training regimen, tweaked my diet and running schedule, and I am now at the same weight I was in high school! 

Most importantly, Michelle taught me the direct impact that the daily stressors of my busy lifestyle were having on me physically and emotionally. I now feel much more attuned to the aspects of my life that cause me stress and anxiety, and am better able to handle them. Michelle has a remarkable ability to identify the details in her clients routines and lives that are affecting their health. She breaks down the steps and identifies one or two things to work on between each session, so your goals are attainable and you never feel overwhelmed by the process. By the end of the program, you have made significant changes to your lifestyle and habits, and are actually able to maintain them. 

I can't recommend Michelle's program highly enough. It is so helpful to be accountable to someone, and to have the additional support there when you need it.  Michelle makes herself available by email at any time of day, and for me that made a huge difference. I came out of the FitVista program with a very different perspective on my life, a greater awareness of my physical and emotional health, and best of all a stronger body and mind!" - Anna V. 

"I don't know how you do it .... but you truly have a gift for this work." - Alexis D. 

"I'm a 28 year old female life and career coach in Cambridge, MA. When I started working with Michelle, I commuted to a busy office and now I'm a solopreneur, working from home. It's hard to navigate eating well in an office environment AND working from home (and fitting in a workout). Michelle is amazing! She's extremely enthusiastic and brings great energy to ever call. She knows how to be your cheerleader, but also how to hold you accountable and push you when you need it. She's also a wealth of great nutrition/health facts that I find myself dropping here and there (always crediting her of course). 

The biggest thing I walked away with was that I got much better at listening to my body. I'm now much more able to decipher if my body needs to just sleep in or if I need to get my butt out of bed and workout. Same goes for determining if I'm dehydrated/drinking enough water. Being in tune with your body is so important so you can know when to push yourself a bit or when to relax. My biggest lesson was GET MORE SLEEP!!!!!! Often that's the answer to a lot of things going on in your body. 

If you've been trying to get your act together, but can't seem to find the motivation, CALL MICHELLE! Having someone who is in your corner and can teach you the right way of doing things (versus trying everything you read on the internet) is so important to success! I'm happy because I feel like I found someone who understands what I've been going through and is non-judgemental. I've been beating myself up for so long, that I finally feel like I have both the tools to quiet my self-criticism, as well as someone else fighting for me." - Carolyn B. 


Michelle is a fantastic health coach. She brings lots of information and ideas to the table, but is also focused on her individual client and open to what works best for their needs and style. The best part of working with Michelle is her constant, genuine support - text message reminders, check-ins on goals that were somehow never annoying, and quick responses to texts or emails that always said the right thing. Whether it was with validation, cheering on, analysis, or a suggestion, knowing that Michelle was there made it so much easier to integrate our goals into my daily routine. Working with Michelle taught me a lot about myself and my relationship to food that I hadn't realized before, and helped me make changes in a lasting, positive fashion that never felt restrictive or negative. I encourage everyone to see just how much they can learn from her and with her. - "H", New York, New York

Michelle is amazing person to work with to give you that extra push you need to make the changes you want in your life.




I’m 24 years old and live in New York City. When I first started working with Michelle as a health coaching client last fall, I had just graduated from college, and I was trying to work on my transition from college to the “real world”. I felt like I had to change a lot of my habits, because all through college I was an athlete and used to being able to eat whatever I wanted. The summer after college I was diagnosed with hypoglycemia, so I knew I need to change my eating habits and lifestyle.

During the 9 months I worked with Michelle, there are so many things that changed in my life, both physically and mentally. Starting with physically, I was able to lose 15lbs. This was a huge success for me! Mentally, I was able to be stronger and be able to learn how to say no to things. Not only that, but I was able to increase my self-esteem and become more confident about myself.

With the help of Michelle, I was able to learn how to set-up reachable goals and work towards them every day. I also learned that I didn’t have to beat myself up if I slipped off, this is probably the most important thing I learned, because I tend to be incredibly hard on myself.

There are so many lessons that have stuck with me. The first one, is to always fit in some veggies in your meals! It’s so easy to do this, and I never realized it until I started working with Michelle. I’ve found so many ways to include veggies in my meals, from a smoothie to a salad. The second one, is that it’s okay to slip up; I shouldn’t be hard on myself for doing this sometimes and that tomorrow is always a new day where I can get back on track. The third lesson that really stuck with me is the importance of planning. I learned how much of a role it plays if you plan ahead your meals, go grocery shopping, even when traveling (which I do a lot). I’ve learned to never leave my apartment without one snack on my purse in case I get hungry during the day. I believe these are the three most important lessons I learned from Michelle, but there were certainly hundreds of lessons I learned.

Michelle is such an amazing person! She is super supportive and always on your side to keep working hard and change your lifestyle. I’ve gone to several nutritionists and learned that dieting in that way was not for me because it was always just a short-term solution. Working with Michelle never felt like that. Instead it felt like the ideas and changes came from me, and were things I wanted to work on. Her role was to guide me in this changes and help me see the little improvements. Every time we talked she was always so positive and even if I felt like I didn’t accomplish my goals, she would help me see that I was able to accomplish other things. Along with this, it was amazing to learn so many different things about food (which food groups are not good for you and which ones are), about exercises and how to combine different workouts to accomplish your goals. She also introduced me to the Whole30, which I am now obsessed with.

Michelle has truly helped me see where in my life I could make changes, and how what I needed was to change my eating habits, my lifestyle and not just dieting.

I’m extremely happy I decided to work with Michelle. While working with her I was able to go from not eating not eating any veggies to loving them. She also help me accomplish so many goals that have improved my overall life in general, from getting better sleep, to losing some weight, to having a better social life were not everything revolves around going out drinking. I’ve made so many improvements in my life and I am so happy to work towards my goals every day.   - Valeria Q.


I think working with Michelle will help anyone accomplish their goals. She teaches you how to set up short and long term goals. How to accomplish them. And along the way she is always supporting your every move towards your goal and helps you find a way to make things work out for you based on your schedule and needs.


Michelle gave me all the tools I needed to get back on track. Six weeks in a boot due to injury when you are a competitive college athlete was a pretty hard time for me. Michelle offered an outside perspective on how I could get back to the person I truly am through our conversations on nutrition, healthy lifestyles, and confidence. It was amazing to have someone checking in on you not simply because of her profession, but because you know they really do care about you. - Maddie P. 

Michelle did an awesome job listening to the constraints that my busy lifestyle and finance job impose on my ability to get exercise and eat well. She helped me identify and implement simple ways to dramatically improve my nutrition and feel better, including eliminating what had become a daily Diet Coke habit. It felt great to keep posting Michelle on each month I made it without a Diet Coke - I didn't even crave it anymore. I haven't had diet soda (or any soda) in a year! - Drew W. 


Personal Training + Lifestyle

I came to Michelle for personal training after falling off track with my fitness goals. Being a busy urban professional and mother, I was concerned that I would be unable to maintain the commitment to my own health. While initially felt that I simply needed someone to create structure and accountability for me, what I received with Michelle was so much more.  Michelle developed a fun, targeted and results-oriented fitness program addressing my goals, while working around significant restrictions that were previously roadblocks for me.  Our conversations regarding nutrition, diet, and provided mindful 'check-ins' that help me stay on course.  Now after a few months of working out with Michelle, I am not only feeling stronger and leaner, but I am also more effortlessly picking up my ever-growing toddler and have more energy at work.  Michelle's approach to a healthy lifestyle has been on-point and truly invaluable.  - Purvi S. 


I'm so happy that I started working with Michelle! As a trainer, Michelle truly takes the personal approach. I've worked with people before who know how to give you a good workout, but Michelle does so much more than that. I like to understand why I'm doing what I'm doing and Michelle institutes a monthly plan, taking into account all of my goals, and is so knowledgeable that she can explain exactly why each exercise is being implemented and makes me feel comfortable and confident in each movement. She also knows when to set the science aside and give me a little push. But Michelle is so much more than just a trainer. She's a trainer, a life coach, a nutritionist, and a friend. I love learning about nutrition, and I've been experimenting with the Paleo diet for several years. Michelle knows so much about nutrition and wellness and she's always willing to listen to my stories--successes and failures--and to guide me toward the path to success. She works with me, understands what I'm aiming for, and integrates my wellness goals with my training goals and makes sure that I am in full control of my body. She's helped me a great deal with issues that aren't even part of her job description as a trainer! On top of everything, she's just a great person and I look forward to coming in and working with her every week. Michelle treats me with respect, works incredibly hard, and makes me feel like a capable athlete. I'd never thought of myself that way until now! - Nick R. 

Michelle is a friend, nutritionist, fitness coach and so much more. She encompasses positive energy and guides you to a more balanced lifestyle both in body and mind. Her background in nutrition enabled me to cleanse my body from toxins and approach life in a more holistic manner. She is a lovely person to work with who motivates me to do better without being too authoritative and is very flexible in tailoring a fitness routine to suite my goals. She has opened my eyes to fitness, positive energy and so much more that I consider her a blessing. - Sara M. 


Personal Training


Working out with Michelle has changed me in so many ways. She’s helped me increase my strength many fold, she’s helped me change my body such that I now feel muscles I didn’t know the human body had (!),  She’s helped improve my self-confidence and she’s helped me feel at home at the gym. I feel so comfortable working with Michelle that it actually seems the weights are heavier when I am not with her. I really feel Michelle understood my goals, helped me track my progress towards those goals, and then helped me obliterate them. She really made me feel like she cared. - Mike R.