7 Ways to Solve Your Nutrition Setbacks : Client Success Story

I'm so thrilled to introduce you to one of my clients who recently completed my signature six-month Nutrition Health Coaching Program. Her results were truly remarkable and capture the huge success all of my clients have been experiencing during our work together.

Change is hard, and change is super hard when it comes to nutritional patterns. But my clients are ready for that shift. When they do choose to partner up in a formal program, I educate my clients, they put in the work, and old habits finally DO change. They see results they've been waiting for their entire lives (and we have fun along the way)!  

Read on below for 7 Nutrition Setbacks and 7 Targeted Solutions!


Introduction to Alexis

Alexis is a woman in her 30s, living the work hard / play only sometimes lifestyle in New York City. When I met Alexis, she was juggling quite a lot building out her private business in addition to her day job and found herself working 14 hour days, 7 days a week.

While she was highly productive and successful, what was taking a toll? Her health and her metabolism.

I see that with a lot of women and men living fast-paced jobs and lifestyles. Alexis was trying to DO IT ALL. She'd already taken the first big step on her health journey by hiring a personal trainer and was determined to lose 20-25 pounds by her sister's wedding in September. She wanted to take it to the next level. She needed a health coach.

We worked to unwind several habits that had taken hold of her over the years and during our time together, we upgraded her routine and guess what? She accomplished all of her goals and she lost 25 pounds! She's guest blogging for me today - read on and learn something for yourself.

Alexis once told me, "you guide and I CLIMB."  Oh how I love FitVista hiking analogies!

All following words by Alexis, the perpetual comedian (!): 



Michelle won’t wave a wand and find you a boyfriend, or magically turn your children into mini Doogie Howsers, BUT she WILL help you design a plan that will give you energy, trim your waistline, and keep you focused. 


1.        PROBLEM : Night Eating.  

I’m a night eater. Yes, I like to vampire eat, the sun goes down my appetite goes up. Feasting between the hours of 10PM and 6AM did NOT help. I found myself shoveling pasta down my throat in the wee hours of the morning, then going back to bed. Michelle explained that this spiked my blood sugar while I was sleeping, which was disastrous for my metabolism and weight-loss.

SOLUTION: Small Snack (Protein + Fat):  If I wake up in the middle of the night, I now eat a piece of goat cheese or a piece of prosciutto (slow-digesting fats to keep you satiated), vs. giant spoonfuls of tagliatelle (fast carbs that spike your blood sugar).


2.         PROBLEM : Starving till Lunch.

Most of us work 8-6pm type jobs (the 9-5 is a complete myth right?) and I found myself craving "all the things" by lunchtime. If you want to boost your metabolism -- like all of the 80's commercials of our childhood used to preach -- the most important meal of the day is BREAKFAST. Truth.

SOLUTION: JUMBO BREAKFAST: Ezekiel bread, spinach, almond butter, eggs, bring it on! A large breakfast full of veggies and protein will jump start your day.


3.         PROBLEM : Starving after lunch and then eating dinner around 10PM.

Eating dinner right before bed is a major epic fail in the land of metabolism because as Michelle explained that when we go to sleep shortly after eating, our digestion slows to a near halt, the food ferments and we do NOT burn or use the calories for movement and energy. Womp, womp, womp.

SOLUTION: Half-dinners. I work late and generally do not arrive home until around 9:30PM at which time dinner would commence in some sort of binge type fashion i.e. eating whatever was lying around or ordering something horrific via the ever gratifying Seamless. Instead, Michelle suggested eating half a sandwich around 6PM, and then perhaps some tuna fish, or a half salad around 8PM so that I wouldn’t come home as a ravenous beast.


4.         PROBLEM : Booze.

Love ‘em, hate ‘em, alcohol, EtOH, C2H6O contains empty calories, a phrase I detest because the consumption of said “empty calories” does temporarily give one a feeling of euphoria and fills in whatever hole may exist at that time.

HOWEVER, Alcohol calories are considered empty because our body can not use them for fuel. We might drink and temporarily feel ‘full’ but we have done jack shit for our nutrition and definitely eff’d up our metabolism. 

SOLUTION: AFD. What the BEEP is an AFD? Alcohol Free Days!  Choose 1, 2 , 3, or even 6 days of the week that you will not drink alcohol. Use dark chocolate to curb your cravings. Ever wonder why muffins and candies line the walls at AA meetings?


5.         PROBLEM : No veggies, mo’ problems. (Translation: I was not eating vegetables). 

SOLUTION: Sexy Veggies!

Put quality cheese, butter, garlic, bacon, paprika, shampoo, OK, maybe not shampoo, but anything you can think of to give your veggies some zest! I did not grow up in the house of "Veggie-love" and I have to say making my veggies SEXY by adding some yum via bacon, butter, healthy fats, etc. helped me eat them en masse, reduce my carb intake and keep me full of Vitamins and Minerals. (Thumbs up emoji).

Look at all these #SEXYVEGGIES I collaged from from Alexis' Instagram! See how she used fat to give the veggies some loving?

Look at all these #SEXYVEGGIES I collaged from from Alexis' Instagram! See how she used fat to give the veggies some loving?


6.         PROBLEM: Carba, carba, carba, carba, carba, chameleon. CARBS.

I grew up in the house of CARBS, spaghetti, pierogies, gnocchi. The first time I went through the Atkins program, I lost my sweet tooth, but pasta still kept its hooks in me, on me, and around me, specifically around my middle.

SOLUTION: Slow-digesting complex carbs. Think carbs, quinoa, and oats in lieu of fast-digesting white carbohydrates like pasta. 


7.         Closing thoughts:  Food is Emotional.

I’m not technically an emotional eater but discussing my weight burns; it doesn’t burn calories, it burns me. 

Once upon a time, I was really thin and I could eat and drink whatever, whenever. I was healthy INSIDE and OUT. In fact, doctors marveled at my glorious levels given my horrific health habits and my chain smoking.

Then, when I turned 32, my thyroid put in her pink slip and nothing will ever be the same again. It was devastating. Imagine eating like the Nathan’s Hot Dog champ and looking like Flo Jo, and then the next day waking up looking like an average American and eating like you were prepping for an American Ballet Theatre audition? 

For the first time in a long time, I feel better about my weight, my metabolism, and myself because of the progress I have made with Michelle.

I know I still have a long way to go, but Michelle gave me the tools to really change things up inside and outside. It's an investment I made in myself and now I sing Michelle's praises because I know that the skills I learned will stick with me for life.

Thank you Michelle! 


Thank YOU Alexis! 

Dear readers, I hope you learned something that can apply to your own life. I'm only bringing on one more client in 2016, so contact me to schedule a consultation spot or discuss your options for working together in 2017! 

In the meantime, you can find me on Instagram @michellefitvista

Want more from Alexis? Contact alexis.daloni@gmail.com and check out her website at : www.adaloni.wixsite.com/alexisdaloni

Alexis living the #FitVista lifestyle and running stair sprints in her FitVista tee! REPRESENT! <3

Alexis living the #FitVista lifestyle and running stair sprints in her FitVista tee! REPRESENT! <3