Hey runners! Smoothies can be the fastest way to sneak in more veggies and I swear by them all year long. Buy your own Nutribullet for just $59 and check out my Winter Smoothie recipes in guest post on Aaptiv. Includes my "Immunity Lemonade" and a "Electrolyte Cocktail" hangover cure!  12/8/2017.

Walking, Sea Salt, Periods & Girls' Weekends -- and why they're SO great for you. Woman's Day. 

Why I SWEAR by magnesium for all my stressed out clients and how Vitamin D improves mood and energy .... and MORE! In Woman's Day

Sugar cravings taking control? Try one of these workouts I talk about in interview from @mindbodygreen. You'll be feeling great ASAP. 12/6/2017.

Hey pretty, want to get everything moving (and pooping too?) .... and get back to feeling your best sparkly self? Then check out my latest in @mindbodygreen with a ton of practical, gentle tips on how exercise links to your digestion and how WALKS can be your best friend during the holidays. 11/26/2018

Curious about the key to long-term weight maintenance? Check out my featured advice in @mindbodygreen, including the positive feedback loop of movement, eating well and sleeping well AND why you might want to trade some of your cardio for lifting weights. 11/6/2017.

Thanks for the interview @mindbodygreen. Read on if your'e curious about your workouts and if they are good for your bod. Hint, good nutrition leads to faster recoveries, better workouts and results you'll love. 11/3/2017.

Getting the opportunity to write and publish this personal essay has been a dream of mine for years. Thanks mindbodygreen! I'd be honored if you'd check it out! To anyone who ran track or had an incredible high school coach, this one's for you. 10/27/2017.

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Curious about : What is a Health Coach? What kind of clients choose to work with me? And what they love about the work we do together? Then pop in and listen to this audio trailer compiled from 1-1 interviews with some of my clients!

A heartfelt THANK YOU goes out to my former client, fellow Middlebury College grad, friend and superbly talented, Alex Braunstein for suggesting we put together a trailer, interviewing everyone and singlehandedly bringing this vision to life. You ROCK girlfriend.  


Massage = one of my favorite things. I'm all about paying $$$ once a month for a traditional massage, but what about the other 29 days of the month? Answer :: check out my article in mindbodygreen and 5 DIY massage hacks for $10 or less. Even in NYC! 9/29/2017.


You guys know I talk about STRESS a ton. After healing myself from Adrenal Fatigue in 2016, it's always top of my mind with my health coaching clients. I was thrilled that Dana Monsees - a fellow Middlebury College grad and Nutritionist whiz behind Real Food with Dana - asked me to write a guest blog post on triggers for cortisol issues. It's very personal "expose" on  how I used to live my life and crush my workouts Including some never-before-seen selfies when I was way too skinny! 9/26/2017.


Fact :: We all sit. A lot. We're no longer hunting and gathering for most of our day. Action step :: What can we do about it? Check out my feature in mindbodygreen with tips to combat the urge to sit for hours on end. #1 tip on going to the bathroom is not what you may expect! 9/18/2018.


I took a 100 Day break from alcohol in late 2016, early 2017 and write about my top 10 takeaways in this mindbodygreen piece. I talk about stress, learning to relax, feeling the feelings and rewiring some old patterns. At times it was really hard. If you're doing Sober September, Whole30 or curious about cutting back on alcohol, this one's for you! 9/7/2017.

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Feeling wired and tired at night? Hard to unwind? Then check out my feature in Balanced Life Leslie post and scroll down to see my Top 10 Bullet Point List of what I do every evening to get a good night of sleep. Starting with my 8pm Tech Detox! 9/10/2017


Profiled by Wellness with Emily on a variety of career paths for graduates of my Nutrition School, the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Want to know more about my career? Click here next for YouTube Video on why I left Finance to pursue my passion for Nutrition, why I love my job as a Health Coach and link to curriculum and qualification information. 9/08/2017 


Wondering why you're feeling so stiff, sore or achy? Then this article I authored on mindbodygreen is for you! | 8/25/2017


Interview in Huffington's Post Thrive Global | Morning Routines could take ALL day, if you did ALL the things. Here I share *my* simplified morning routine and non-negotiables. Hint, I don't do yoga, meditation OR journaling. | 8/3/2017


When to Jump :: “The Top 5 Effect” on Your Health & Career

Who are the 5 people you spend the most time with?? Thanks When to Jump for featuring my piece "The Top 5 Effect on Your Health & Career" on your blog! I share my story on how joining a running group and meeting other nutrition and health coaches via Instagram inspired my career jump from finance to health. What type of community can YOU consciously curate? 



Guest blog post on TrainingwithT | Sharing my go-to formula for creating a healthy salad on the fly. Plus, a private interview where I spill my personal fitness tips and vision for my career in 10 years. |  7/20/2017


Tacos can be SO HEALTHY! So drool on and read my quick tips featured on the famous recipe blogger's site Balanced Life Leslie for my "healthy Mexican cheat sheet" I send all my private health coaching clients. | 6/20/2017


These Weird But Effective Tips Will Work Wonders For Your Hot Weather Workouts

Interviewed by mindbodygreen on quirky tips for your next HOT SUMMER sweaty workout. | 6/20/2017


Bloated after Friday and Saturday festivities? First, it's temporary. Second, feel better fast with a green smoothie, tons of water and SWEAT sesh. Check out my feature interview in @mindbodygreen and why running or walking is a smart way to detox, amp up your digestion and feel back on track fast. | 5/29/2017


Always trying to FIND TIME to exercise and it's the first thing to drop off your list? My health coaching clients are really big fans of my philosophy on 1) weekly KEYSTONE workouts and 2) outsourcing your motivation. Both points will be in the my book I am writing! In the meantime, check out piece I wrote in Yoga Wellness Mom


Thrilled to be featured as the expert in today's @mindbodygreen article. Bottom line : protect your feet from the hard concrete of city streets with proper footwear // and save your minimalist or barefoot runs for the beach. | 5/08/2017

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Scroll on down to read my interview in mindbodygreen on my fave holiday indulgences (Halo Top Icecream!) and on a deeper level TIME and SPACE. | 12/20/2016

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Loved my interview with Kayla Kleinman in her blog "Kayla in the City."
We talk about my favorite workouts, how I thought of my brand name FitVista, and how my secret Instagram account inspired me to leave Finance. | 11/30/2016

I was honored to be asked by fellow Health Coach and friend, Alexandra Napoli, to be interviewed on Health Coach TV, "Ask the Expert" Series! We talk about stress, adrenal fatigue AND three tips to improve your running game. Dive right in to the interview here, YouTube Video Three Tips to Improve Your Running Game. 11/7/2016.

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Interview from Nativa-World.com, where I talk about the best types of exercise for business women and female entrepreneurs. Huge discussion on STRESS and SLEEP and LIFTING HEAVY WEIGHTS!  Also, actionable tips for biz travel and working out on the road, because folks, I've been there! | 10/16/2016


Did you weigh yourself this morning - post weekend - and flip out? Step 1 : stop flipping out. Step 2 : read my article in Elite Daily on why it's almost impossible to gain 3 pounds in 3 days (and the nutrition science of "bloat.") | 09/07/2016

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Wonder why Sugar is the Devil and what it's doing to your waistline? Why you need to lift heavy? Check out our video wth Alyssa from Simply Quinoa starting at minute 38:30 for about 12 minutes of information you NEED to know for weight loss! 4/16/2016


The 3-Day Guide to Breaking Your Holiday Bender of Indulgence

Check out my 48 hour timeline picked up by Elite Daily for breaking the cycle of binging or indulging during the holidays and getting back on track to feeling like yourself again. 12/18/2015


Helpful tips on how to navigate four days of holidays with your family - including breakfast options, quick walks outside and what to do when you get back to your regular routine! Published in Elite Daily. 11/21/2015.


That change in temperature, the chillier weather. Cravings can come on strong! Here's how to clue in to whether you're truly hungry, or if you just need to warm-up! Published in Elite Daily. 11/13/2015.