Headaches are the worst. Check out my interview in the Huff Post on natural ways to prevent and take away headaches any day of the month. 4/8/2019

Should you exercise when you're sick? I get this question a lot from my health coaching clients. Here's my professional advice shared in an interview in this Be Well Article by Leigh Weingus. Stay well my friends & keep moving! XO. 12/7/2018.

Thrilled to be profiled in the print magazine New Beauty on my experience with Adrenal Fatigue and why Clean Beauty is key for optimized hormonal health. Find it on new stands this month! 10.15.2018.

I still drink alcohol, but I also identify myself as Sober Curious and love to take breaks from booze. Are you curious? Read more on my philosophy on being Sober Curious over at my feature in Bustle! 10.11.2018.

I get this question a lot! Read on for how you may benefit working with a health coach. In Wellory! 9.20.2018.

Loved being interviewed for Binto's Medicine Cabinet Series. Sneak a look in my "medicine cabinet", here! 9.20.2018.

Fun piece in QNS on why frequenting the local LIC Youth Market —run by high school students— is a crucial part of my Saturday in the city. 9.13.2018.

Wonder what the bleep a health coach actually does? You’re not alone — I get that question all the time! Check out my response in Wellory’s latest article, “So, What Is a Health Coach?”. 9.13.2018.

Thanks LIC Courier! Long Island City finance-exec turned wellness coach pens book to help you live your best life in NYC. Fun profile of my health coaching business and book, Self-Care in the City — and how YOU can optimize your nutrition, fitness and wellness living in a noisy, sometimes stressful urban environment. 9.11.2018.

Curious about Intermittent Fasting? Here's a piece I was interviewed in Well+Good for on How Intermittent Fasting Can Affect Your Mood. And why sometimes I believe in a morning fast ... and sometimes, I eat! 8.15.2018.

Establishing a Nighttime Routine. What's your nighttime routine? Here's a little interview I did on my Nutrition School's blog  — sharing my personal non-negotiables for a good night's sleep. 7.28.2018.

Psyched to be included in this list of 10 Wellness Instagram Accounts You Should be Following alongside my friends Teddi Ginsberg and Kayla Kleinman! Thanks Amanda from Shapin Up! 7.2.2018.

Fun to be featured in my Nutrition School's Recipe Blog. I write about my fave smoothie that takes about 3 minutes to make and is easy to whip up on the regular, especially for those with busy schedules! 6.28.2018.

You guys know I LOVE my go-to green smoothie. My friend Alex from Health by Napoli YouTube TV Channel and I recorded a fun 2 minute YouTube video on how to whip together your own smoothie, even when you're busy! 6.26.2018.

What the bleep is Hibiscus and why is everyone suddenly drinking it? Check out this article I wrote for mindbodygreen and why Hibiscus is a great caffeine-free, sugar-free option for sipping on this summer. Stress-less and brew some hibiscus on ice. 4/30/2018.

Such a fun time filming all about Self-Care in the City book with Alex for her Health by Napoli YouTube TV Channel. Think of this as a little trailer for the book and how to survive living in an urban environment. Enjoy! 5.1.2018.

Podcast! Thrilled to be invited back to Kayla in the City's Well-Rounded Podcast to talk Self-Care and Healthy Living in the City and Writing a Book | And announce that my book is available on Amazon! I hope you enjoy it! 4.23.2018.

Podcast time! Psyched to be on Real Talk with Dana's podcast, where we talk about "Adrenal Fatigue and Self-Care While Building a Business (and writing a book!)." If you're stressed - you're going to want to listen in. 4.4.2018.

Loved contributing to this article in Well + Good on why to always choose real-food alternatives for sweeteners. Cut the crappy, cancer-causing chemicals! 3.20.2018.

Check out my advice in Women's Health on how to stay healthy-ish on vacation - packing probiotics, digestive enzymes and healthy snacks and how to use morning sunshine to cure jet lag. 3.23.2018.


New York Post feature on "The Birth Control Backlash" and "Why Millennial Women Are Ditching the Pill" - why I ditched the pill and struggled to get my period back because of cortisol and stress. 3.20.2018.

Podcast Time! Psyched to share episode with Kelsie Brunick of Permission to Grow. We talk about how to pay attention to envy (it's telling you something), giving yourself a day of space (to think about next steps in your life) and how networking is so freaking important. And my fave = changing careers doesn't mean your stress disappears. Stress is an inside job that we have to learn to manage for life. Enjoy! 2/22/2018.

"How to Slow Down and Stress-Less" — Psyched for my first podcast episode with Kayla Kleinman of Kayla in the City in her Podcast Well-Rounded. We chat about everything from transitioning from my stressful career in finance to health coaching, how my spandex snapping on a long run changed my life (really), adrenal fatigue and my experience healing from chronic stress and the real reason you can’t do it all. I'd be honored if you tuned in and subscribed to Kayla's STELLAR podcast. 1/29/2018. 

Food to Maximize Your Energy Levels? YES, I gottcha here. I talk to the editor at BEST LIFE about water, almond butter, 70% dark chocolate, sweet potatoes and chia seeds. Eat up! 1/30/2018.

I’ve got a question for you … do you find yourself using alcohol at the end of the day to “take the edge off?" I'm passionate about sharing the link between alcohol, stress and the high-achieving woman and I was thrilled when I was asked to participate in this online summit by my friend Caitlin Padgett. 

I still drink alcohol -- but no longer as my form of "stress-relief."

The “Redefining Sobriety” Online Summit brings together leading experts – and I am one of them via a video interview – to talk about why women drink and to support YOU in redefining your relationship to alcohol and exploring alternatives that truly work for you. This is 100% confidential -- I won't know you signed up! 1/24/2018.

I talk about fiber (and poop) with my clients a lot. So I was thrilled when Redbook Magazine asked me to contribute to their piece on FIBER. Featured in the first three slides, chatting about cauliflower mash, delicata squash and banza pasta. Need more fiber? Check it out. 1/19/2018. xo.

You heard it here first! When I heard that HIKING was the big trend for 2018 / 2019 I was so giddy with disbelief. My favorite thing. Heck, I named my company FIT-VISTA to celebrate all the steps it takes to reach your healthy view on life. Anyways, they interviewed me for this article and I'd love for you to check it out. MindBodyGreen. 1/12/2018.

Excited for my first interview in @RedbookMag (!) where we talk about the importance of sleep, being the sugar detective, eating healthy fats and drinking water. But what didn't make the cut?  This bit below. 1/9/2018. 

"Learn to LOVE your love handles. Women's bodies are supposed to store extra bodyfat for fertility and survival. It's a shame our culture has glorified lean bodies to such an extent; I see so many woman in my practice with less than 20% bodyfat, who are still trying to lose that "last five pounds" but are also struggling with stress, missed periods and restrictive eating. Talk to your doctor to find a weight that's right for you and your body, then consider working with a health coach professional to achieve your goals in a safe, personalized way.” -- Michelle Cady

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Curious about : What is a Health Coach? What kind of clients choose to work with me? And what they love about the work we do together? Then pop in and listen to this audio trailer compiled from 1-1 interviews with some of my clients!

A heartfelt THANK YOU goes out to my former client, fellow Middlebury College grad, friend and superbly talented, Alex Braunstein for suggesting we put together a trailer, interviewing everyone and singlehandedly bringing this vision to life. You ROCK girlfriend.