My Weekend Workout Plan

Hi friends! It's Friday. You made it. 

Stiff from sitting at your desk all week? 

I know I am. With the launch of my blog and website, the last three weeks have involved more sitting and computer time than I've experienced since I left my job in finance almost 18 months ago. My brain is loving my creative outlet and I feel immensely satisfied and proud of the work I've poured in to representing my business, but my backside? Not so much. 

I want to move

As a trainer, I've spent a majority of my last year and a half on my feet. Lifting weights, setting up the bar and spotting clients to optimize our hour together and doing high knees and bear walks alongside them when they need the extra inspiration to get through a tough session. It's tiring, but I love it and my body adapted to the demands placed upon it and thrives on standing up and moving around 5-7+ hours a day. Science is cool.

What's My Weekend Workout Plan?

I teach my treadmill running class at Equinox Bryant Park on Fridays at 1pm. I don't run with the group, but coach them through interval work with my headset, some corny motivational phrases and often some tough love. I'm usually pretty tired after all the energy-output, but this week? I'm psyched to fit in my own hour workout at the gym before my 4pm nutrition health coaching client call.

What's on my to-do list? DEADLIFTS. HEAVY. I have a love-affair with deadlifts. Here's a video of me doing a 5x5 set. They lift your butt, they work the most major muscle groups in one movement, they fire up your metabolism big time and they just feel so damn good when you get the right pop and power. It took me awhile to perfect my own form and as a trainer, I really focus on nailing it when I teach my own clients. Deadlifts are the KING of all exercises. 

And the weekend?

I have a feeling I'll be a bit sore on Saturday, so my plan is to hit up a 75 minute hot Vinyasa Flow Class at The Yoga Room in Long Island City. It's a beautiful space and I place my mat just under a massive skylight. Sweating in a 99* room and looking at the sky is a pretty magical combination for these chillier November days. If the weather is nice, I'll also walk around a ton and try to get in a few miles of a leisurely Saturday stroll! 

Sunday Strength Training

I'd love to get in another strength training session this weekend to prepare for time off over Thanksgiving. I created this Metabolic Strength Training Circuit for my boyfriend and I to do together last month and we loved it! It's time to do it again. I included ideas for weights, but adjust it to your strength level and give it a go! 

Warm-up: Foam rolling, World's Greatest Stretch
Movement Prep: 10 Negative Push-ups, 10 Supermens, 1 30 second plank, 15 Hip Bridges on Heels, 15 Bodyweight Squats

Circuit One (3 times through, 1 minute rest between each round):
15 Squats: 20lbs DB in each hand
15 Chest Press: 25lbs
1 Minute Punching Burpees

Circuit Two (3 times through, 1 minute rest between each round):
10 Back Lunges, Left/Right: 20lbs DB in each hand
10 Overhead Press: 20lbs
30 seconds of speed skaters, 8 L/R Toe Touch Jump Drive-Ups

Finish with your favorite set of abs. 

A word on planning

Intentions are one thing, but following-through is another. Holding yourself accountable can be a hard trick to master. That's what I'm here for! Sign up for a free session here to talk through your game plan.

Also, remember that the more you 1) set a REALISTIC plan and 2) think through steps to bring that plan to life 3) consider obstacles you will have to overcome 4) follow through successfully, you build trust in yourself. And that, my friends, is where the magic happens.