My Five Day Detox #fitvistadetox

I have an obsession with feeling my absolute best

When I'm eating well and in sync with my body, I have so much energy and my happiness just radiates. But when my digestion is off and feeling sluggish, I have to try really hard to keep up with my life, to-do list and feel-good vibe. 

Hello Monday after Thanksgiving

I'm convinced the internet is breaking because of Cyber Monday and I can't get my wireless to work! I'm writing this post from home using my personal hotspot via the unlimited Verizon family data plan (sorry Mom!).  So while most people are hunkered down at their cubicles, shopping for deals, I'm here to talk about the greatest gift you can give yourself this week - a little digestive loving and reset! 


I've always been skeptical about traditional cleanses. Here's why: 1) So many of the pre-selected six bottles of juices cleanses are super high in sugar. Sure, they may shine green in the bottle, but the apples and pears have been stripped of their natural fiber and send your blood sugar on a serious sugar spike. Fiber helps control blood sugar spikes AND you need fiber to keep everything mooooooving along! 2) I'd say most people go on cleanses for aesthetic reasons (to lose weight, get slim, de-bloat or have their lean muscles pop) and not true deep-down health reasons. Therefore, if you're trying to look hot, you're going to want some protein in your 'cleanse' to maintain lean muscle, ensure your metabolism doesn't slow down post cleanse or pack on pounds when you're done with the cleanse since it's most likely your body has clicked in to survival/starvation mode if it's on a traditional 1,200 calorie juice cleanse. So, I think protein is important for most people, on most cleanses.

(Quick disclaimer: if you're truly trying to detox your body for a couple days, a pure vegetable juice cleanse with tons of warm water isn't going to kill you - always consult with a medical professional of course!). 

And finally 3) cleanses can add to pre-existing disordered eating patterns and fuel lifestyles of restricted eating. The worst is to 'cleanse' for 3 days to fit in your dress for a holiday party, then go crazy that evening devouring apps and mini-hot dogs like it's your job, take back four glasses of wine and end up in bed all day Sunday. Yup, I've done that before and learned the hard way back in January 2009!

Ok! Now the good stuff! 

Today I prefer to think of mini-detoxes as a way to re-set your system, give your digestion a break to heal and rebuild and redefine your sensitivity to sweets, extra fatty food, alcohol and all the other temptations that come along with an indulgent night, weekend, or string of holiday parties. Sometimes I do all green juices (vegetables only) and vegan-protein green smoothies 'til a 2pm late chewing-food lunch, or eat an early leafy dinner at 4pm or 5pm. That's a nice small way to re-set and give your digestion a break to repair and reduce inflammation. I've done this "green liquids until 2pm" for 1 to 3 days and I feel amazing!

My Detox "Rules" for Sanity

I have a few mantras I keep in mind these days to keep me sane if I take a break from chewing 1) don't starve yourself. You should not be lying on the couch moaning with zero energy and shutting your eyes when you see a food commercial. It doesn't have to be that way! 2) Choose abundance over deprivation: I like to think of these breaks as a way to flood your body with nutrients in green juices/smoothies etc, rather than dwelling on everything I may take out of my diet. 3) So much water. So much sleep. 4) Come off the cleanse slowly. Eat lots of vegetables, fruits, eat lightly, take digestive enzymes. 

The "Why": My Five Day Detox

Fast forward to today! Cyber Monday and I'm feeling inspired (oh and still hacking my families internet data plan - whoops!). I had the most wonderful Thanksgiving in Ohio with my boyfriend and his family. It was the perfect combination of relaxing + family time + sleep + movies, but we still did a ton like go to a bar in Columbus to watch the Buckeyes win, go hiking in the hippie town of Yellow Springs and visit 4 week old puppies near my boyfriend's Grandma's farm. Aw!

His mom was incredibly thoughtful and picked up spinach and almond milk beforehand for my smoothies and had tons of veggie crudités on hand, so I was able to keep balanced with my breakfasts and snacks. While I know I'm highly sensitive to gluten, dairy and beer, I just went for it during some meals and had pizza, IPAs and French Onion Soup while watching the game, Jenni's famous icecream and two biscuits on Thanksgiving and more! Ay. My tummy was in trouble and I still feel lethargic, sluggish and not my energetic-self!

The Menu

I've done a lot of work and studied different methods to re-set and I came up with this personalized one for myself while waiting for our Uber at the airport last night. It's personalized to me. It's seasonal. It takes in to account my goals, what my digestive system needs to repair and what I need to avoid most this week (alcohol, dairy and gluten). I work with my nutrition health coaching clients to personalize re-sets for them specifically, so sign up here for a free session with me (!). 

Here's MY menu for the next five days! Hold me accountable! I want to wake up Saturday morning BURSTING with energy. 

  • Breakfasts: Green Smoothie with two scoops of vegan-protein powder from Parsley Health, two handfuls of frozen spinach, 1/3 frozen apple slices, 1/3 frozen banana, pumpkin spice, sea salt, 1 TBS ground flax seed and homemade cashew hemp milk. I made it nice and creamy this morning and ate it out of a bowl with a spoon.
  • "Bullet-proof coffee:" Half a cup of organic coffee, all blended with splash of cashew hemp milk, 1 teaspoon of coconut oil, 1 pat of ghee (grassfed organic clarified butter), dash of sea salt, coconut sugar and cinnamon. 
  • Lunches: Will pick up either 1) massive Chop't Salad with veggies, organic chicken and my fave Lemon Tahini dressing 2) Digg In Seasonal Market small veggie + protein plate. 3) Having healthy lunch date tomorrow at GustOrganics with Alyssa from Simply Quinoa
  • Snacks: Kombucha, green juices, nut mylks: anything I don't have to chew! 
  • Dinners: Second smoothie of the day, with adjusted serving amounts, probably less protein (see breakfast) AND warm bone broth soup + seaweed strips + teaspoon of miso paste. Will post a picture with full recipe on Instagram! Bone broth is so amazing for your gut health and healing! 

As you can see, there's a lot of nutrients here AND a lot of protein! My breakfast itself packs in more than 26 grams. I'm going to be full and not depriving myself. Yes, I'm going to miss my almond butter and dark chocolate chips, but I'm hoping to mix up a few cacao smoothies to hold myself over. After all, it's only 5 days. Let's do this! 

Happy shopping ... I mean, detoxing! Will be posting on Instagram with #fitvistadetox. Join me! 

Treat your body right, treat your mind right: sign up for a therapeutic one-on-one nutrition consultation with me here. Best gift for yourself this season!