What your trainer and Health Coach gets for Christmas

So it's January 5th and I'm guessing you're already a BIT inundated with articles, Facebook posts, news reports, (my) Instagram photos and office water-cooler chatter about New Years Resolutions. I know.

Even though I absolutely love this time of year and the positive group energy about getting fit and fabulous and healthy -- after five days jam-packed with client goal setting and personal reflection on my 2016 priorities -- I'm ready to take a night off!

So what better way to do that, then to press rewind, and chat about my wonderful Christmas. I've put together a photo gallery below to give you a peak in to some of the healthy gifts I had waiting for me under the Christmas tree! 

This was the first year I celebrated Christmas away from my family. We're a tight knit bunch and while I missed them and our dear traditions on Christmas morning, I adored my time in Ohio celebrating the season with my boyfriend's wonderful immediate and extended family. His mom had kombucha, spinach for my smoothies and almond milk waiting in the fridge for me when I arrived. How sweet is that!? 

A few healthy highlights from the trip:

  • My Ohio Marathon (see my post on my 5x5 Christmas Workout Plan - I ran 26.2 miles around their HILLY neighborhood split over 5 days and felt strong, powerful, and at times exhausted. So worth it. One day it was so warm I rocked it in shorts!)
  • Spinning class with my guy, his mom AND his dad.
  • Nervously sharing my favorite nutrition documentary, "Forks Over Knives" with the group and to my relief - they loved it! 
  • Making my chocolate green smoothie bowl with Parsley Protein Powder for breakfast every morning with their Ninja Blender.
  • Trying my first Grasshopper cocktail made with vanilla icecream. Ok, just kidding. Not "healthy" but SO good. It's green so it counts right? 

And without further adieu, PRESENTS! 

Yes, Christmas is about family and memories and all those truly important things. I know. But I hope you enjoyed your sneak peak in to my Christmas day and are inspired to pick up a few healthy gifts for yourself with your holiday cash! I like to think of Christmas as a launching pad for a New Year. Buying new workout classes, new sneakers, a gift certificate to a spa that you will ONLY use once you complete 10 bootcamp classes. Be creative. Treat yourself like a child, mother yourself and spark some magic in your life. 

Want a gift that's free?

Yup, free. Sign up for a 40 minute fitness and nutrition consultation with me here. I'm letting you jump right in to my calendar and book it. No email banter needed. It's that simple. We'll talk through a couple of your goals for the new year, I'll answer any of your questions and leave you with 2-3 solid and doable changes for you to implement in your life ASAP. Can't lose right? Right. 

Carry-on my friends, and carry that Christmas spirit with you all year! Minus the cocktails and cookies of course. Don't bring those to your January bootcamp class.

Peace, love and veggies,