Part 2: My One Month of Yoga

My reasons for doing this nutty and soulful challenge at the LIC Yoga Room? See Part 1 for the full story! 

I skipped four days on my adventure up to Vermont for my Middlebury College Alumni Board meetings, but I'm determined to keep fitting in the yoga and doing 20 classes within my 30 day time frame! And you know what? If I go over a few days, I'm totally cool with that too. 

Best advice I've heard from a Yoga teacher in Vermont, is "If you are rushing to get to Yoga Class, DON'T GO." 

My body is feeling awesome, I've definitely lost a few pounds (combined with other diet modifications and exercise) and I'm not tight ANYWHERE. I have a massage with my massage therapist today, and what is she even going to work on? Just kidding, I could get a massage every darn day and be a happy camper. 

Written on a phone post outside of the studio. I'm trying to slow down, trying! 

Written on a phone post outside of the studio. I'm trying to slow down, trying! 

Day 8: May 16th: Vinyasa Yoga with Amanda (sub)

Monday Yoga at 4:30pm is pretty much the magic pill. I had a busy start to my week and it was truly a bit of a nervous system overhwhelm stepping from the quiet woods of Vermont on Sunday in to the hustle and bustle of NYC on Monday. I learned my lesson with my Monday schedule: 10:30am training my client on UES, 1pm teaching my treadmill running class at Bryant Park and then 2:45pm meeting my outdoor running client in Gramercy, then back to Long Island City. Yes, it was a very cool day and I was psyched to see my clients, but that is way too much subway travel and noise for me! 

Back to yoga. I came straight from my running client, so was already a bit warmed up and excited to go through an easy flow. This delivered. I did a bit more child's poses than usual and Amanda came by and pressed down on my back to help with the stretch and calm the nervous system. It's my absolute favorite when Yoga teachers adjust and help you with the poses! 

I was so hungry afterwards I probably ate 800+ calories for dinner. I don't count or believe in calories, but just to give you an idea. I love being on my feet, (on days and hours I'm not blogging or health coaching)!

Day 9: May 17th: Hot Yoga Flow with Christina (sub)

I had a feeling this was going to be a tough class and I was right! In all the right ways. I was ready for a workout and this one delivered. It had been almost two weeks since I'd done my last hot yoga and I was excited to break back out my Manduka Yogitoes towel and get sweating. I got it from my boyfriend's mom for Christmas and I love it! It's a real dream living in a new apartment that has a mini laundry room literally next door to our apartment door, rather than trekking up and downstairs to the basement loaded down with my hoarded quarters -- my sweaty yoga clothes are going right in the wash these days! 

I was also positioned next to two models during class and I was pretty proud of myself for not being self-conscious AT ALL. In fact, my eyes have been sparkling lately and I'm truly feeling confident again (after the bit of a funk I mentioned in Part 1).

Models and Hot Yoga? Bring it ON! 

Written on the other side of the post. This is gorgeous! 

Written on the other side of the post. This is gorgeous! 

Day 10: May 18th: Hot Yoga Flow with Victoria G.

Not that I want to pick favorites, but this was my third class with Victoria G. (the one with the beautiful accent) and I'm such a huge fan! I feel a bit like a stalker, because I have this feeling she's "found my blog" and knows I'm writing about her, but hey! It's a compliment! I'm going to hand her my FitVista biz card after this blog series is over and encourage her to read up on her praise. 

She was checking in people to class on Monday and asked if I was in the "Work-Study" program, AKA, TRAINING to be a Yoga Teacher. Yup, I got mistaken for a yoga teacher. My dream of being a Yogi is coming true guys!

Back to class: my mind was brimming with this exciting new business idea I have and can't wait to tell you guys about it, so I felt like I was in a dream state all class and I missed the whole thing. I moved through the poses and it was actually an entrepreneur's dream to think and plan and do yoga at the same time. I left a sweaty mess and was so glad I brought my flip flops to "rinse off" after. 

Love that I see so much more of the sky living my "Island Life!"

Love that I see so much more of the sky living my "Island Life!"

What's Next?

I'm looking ahead at my Thursday and Friday plans and will be hopping all over the city, so my class #4 and #5 will have to wait until this weekend! 

Enjoy this lovely weather my friends, because according to this weekend is going to be a "Miserable Weekend in the Northeast." 

Silver lining? More yoga classes, finally organizing my closets AND arranging our bookshelves by color. Bowling one night with my girlfriends from Nutrition School. And drinking some wine or kombucha with Alex and snuggling up to a movie. Bring it on miserable weather! 

Namasate FRIENDS, and thanks for reading!