Let my Brag about a Few of my Clients

Because I'm So Darn Proud of them

(And we shouldn't be modest ALL the time)


My clients are putting in the effort and seeing the results. It's been inspired, it's been hard, it's been life-altering and many say it's been fun.

Because you know what? Getting healthier can and should feel REALLY GOOD. 

One male in his 30's healthified his take-out / pick-up NYC dinners, cut back on his alcohol, committed to a strength training program with a personal trainer, and since starting our work together in January he went from 220 to 193 pounds, while gaining lean muscle strength. Losing 27 pounds of bodyfat. Phenomenal.

One woman in her 30's added #sexyveggies to her nutrition, upped her protein intake, eliminated her pasta-at-night cravings, cut back on her alcohol intake, increased her running mileage and dropped over 20 pounds, and EVERYONE is noticing.

One woman in her early 30's - who was already serious about her healthy diet and her dedicated running program - started working with me, added serious strength training to her schedule, focused on stress-reduction and stress-management techniques and finally saw the scale budge by 6 pounds + after years of feeling stuck. She's now the lightest and fittest she's been since high school!

One client in her late 40's, cut DOWN on her intense bootcamp classes, added gentle yoga and walks to her fitness routine, ditched her morning sugar cravings, added a ton of salads to her week, lost "the last 5 pounds" and in her words, "shifted my whole attitude about food."

And it's not just about the scale people. The WHY behind your goals is even more important. Feeling like the best, realest version of YOU. Vibrant. Alive. Energetic. The YOU you know is there, beneath it all. Beneath the frustration and the false starts and sometimes the yo-yos. I'm so proud of all my clients and the shifts they're making in their lifestyles - I could write an entire book with all their accomplishments!

I'm only taking on TWO (OK maaaaaybe three) more clients in September to work with me in my signature six month private coaching program.

You want in? Sign up for a consultation here and see if nutrition health coaching is the right fit for you to optimize your health and reach your goals. Or email me at michelle@fitvista.com with your thoughts and/or goals for the Fall. Know someone who wants a kickstart? Send 'em my way. Together we are strong! Spots go quickly! http://www.fitvista.com/book/