Micro Blog: 7 Top Triggers for Over-Eating + Over-Drinking

Hiya FitVista friends, 

I'm starting a little micro-blog series! I've compiled tons and tons of tips, tricks and strategies I use with my private health coaching clients and I just can't help sharing. 

So, what to expect? I KNOW, I KNOW, my prior posts have been pretty lengthy at times . . . So going forward, you'll see me popping in here with "micro" blogs. Just another way to get you content, without having to read through a super long blog post. They'll be longer than an Instagram post, shorter than a blog. 

I'll also be sharing excerpts of my upcoming book I'm writing, [SECRET TITILE: 100 Ways to Optimize Your Nutrition, Fitness and Wellness While Living in an Urban Environment.]


Let's get started!

We're going in to the weekend. Happy Friday y'all! For most of my clients and peers, that means a momentary break from the grind. However, what does come in to focus is the work hard / PLAY HARD lifestyle we learn in college or as a busy professional in the big cities. 

My clients are driven, they work hard and they've historically - well - they've historically also played really hard to take the edge of an intense work week, unwind and "relax."

Do you feel like sometimes you over-eat or over-drink on a Friday night? Or when you're stressed? Tired? Overwhelmed?

Then this one's for you. 

Here are the top 7 triggers for over-eating or over-drinking (or simply choosing foods you know are not in line with your health goals, think carb-heavy, fatty or sugary):

Top 7 Triggers:

  1. Hungry
  2. Angry
  3. Lonely
  4. Tired
  5. Sad
  6. Stressed
  7. Overwhelmed

Take a moment and see what's going on for you at this moment. 

It's OK. We've all been there in some capacity. 

When I was in finance, I'd get so riled up throughout the course of the week (stressed, overwhelmed, super tired) that unless I'd fall in to bed on Friday night, I'd definitely have a couple too many glasses of wine or crispy, fried, everyyyyyything appetizers out to happy hour with my colleagues or on a date. It was a way to take the edge off. Needless to say, I didn't wake up Saturday morning feeling like my healthy-self.

You might find that when you've rushed from meeting to meeting all day, grazing on snacks, and it's suddenly 3pm you want ALL THE FOOD and it doesn't matter what it is. Bring on the carbs, sugar and fat! (Yes, these cravings are #Science). 

Or you come home on a Monday night solo and you feel really lonely, so you nosh on too many pretzels or snacky foods. 


The key here is to address the root cause, the feeling.

And to get ahead of it by practicing radical self-care. I want to teach you to watch out and get ahead of these triggers. 

For example, bringing in healthy snacks to your office so you don't get hangry. Taking extra naps on the weekends so you can build back up your sleep bank and not be quite so tired. Scheduling out a longer deadline for that project so you don't get overwhelmed rushing to finish it. Taking an epsom salt bath or sitting in the steam room to naturally lower your stress levels. 

Getting head of triggers for fatty, salty, sugary foods and alcohol is all about what happens WAY BEFORE the trigger. What's happening earlier in the day, earlier in the week. These cravings build and then BOOM. They seem uncontrollable. 

THIS ALL TAKES TIME to build this awareness. I want you to consider chipping away at your ingrained habits month over month. The first step in anything is always awareness. 

I hope this serves you. 

Cut and copy the 7 triggers and keep 'em handy. Turn them when you feel things spiraling a bit. They help.

XOXO, peace, veggies and Friday vibes,


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