5 Treadmill WORKOUTS You Would ACTUALLY RUN in a Blizzard

A blizzard is on it's way for most of the Northeast and for most people that means, snow days (!), lots of hot chocolate, coasting by on the "working from home" bit and an excuse to drink alcohol on a "school night."

Workouts? No thanks!

I totally get it. The last thing you or I want to do is trek across town to your boutique fitness class.

But chances are, you have a treadmill somewhere nearby, right? That kinda meh one in your building's basement gym? That gym membership?

I've already canceled my Class Pass workout for Tuesday and I'm gearing up for one of these treadmill workouts below. 

Here are five easy-to-remember treadmill workouts that you'll actually want to do.

My clients love them! They're simple and chances are you'll even want to do one in a blizzard.

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PS: Not in the mood to run today? No sweat. No guilt. Try stretching. Try at home yoga. Bookmark this page for another time - I promise you you'll want to revisit these runs and incorporate them in to your workout or biz travel routine.



My Five Favorite Treadmill Runs ... for Fat-loss, Speed AND Endurance.

Make sure to warm-up for all runs with a five minute jog or walk and a light stretch. Cool-down with a walk and stretching sesh too.

THEN make yourself a healthified hot chocolate.

Treadmill Workout #1 : 10x30 Second Interval Sprints

Run: 10 thirty-second sprints, with a 1 minute walking / jog recovery between each sprint. Pick a sprint MPH speed and a recovery MPH speed.  

Purpose: High intensity intervals spike your metabolism and increase your after-burn. These sprints also train your cardiovascular system to respond to quick spikes in your heart rate. And the final win? Sprints also increase your muscular strength, making you a faster runner. Win. Win. Win.


Treadmill Workout #2 : 3x1 Miles

Run: 3x1 Miles, at an increasing pace for each mile. Run one mile at a slower speed (i.e. 6mph), then walk and rest for 2 or 3 minutes. Then run another mile, at slightly faster speed (i.e. 6.5mph), then rest another 2 or 3 minutes. Finally, run your fastest mile at 7mph speed. 

Purpose: Purposeful faster running makes you a faster runner. This is absolutely great for endurance, but it also is great for increasing metabolic demand ("calories!"), since you're running faster than you would for a steady-state 30 minute jog. 


Treadmill Workout #3 : TIMED MILE

Run: Time yourself for a 1 MILE run. Yup, just like high school gym class!

Purpose: Running a timed mile once every week is a great way to track progress, create structure in your training program and keep your motivation high. It also makes you a faster runner, increases your metabolism and those happy endorphins. 

Treadmill Workout #4 : 1 Mile, Uphill Walk, 3 Sprints

Run: Part One: Run one mile at a fast clip. Speedy.  Think 80% of a race pace. Take a walking break for 2 minutes. Part Two: For 10 minutes, walk uphill at 10% incline at speed 3.0mph. Bring your treadmill back to 0% incline and take a walking break for 2 minutes. Part Three: three 30 second sprints, with one minute rest break between each sprint.

Purpose: Variety and metabolic burn baby!

Treadmill Workout #5: Walk Uphill for 30 Minutes

Run: Increase incline to 10% and the speed to 3mph or 3.5mph. Walk like this for 30 minutes.

Purpose: No. Running. Sweating. Guaranteed. 


Tag your treadmill workout #FitVista and @michellefitvista and we'll all sweat together today. (And then eat chocolate).