Dark Chocolate + The Magic of Magnesium

Do you crave chocolate ALL THE TIME?? Mmm hmmm, thought so. Happy Valentines Day! Chocolate is everywhere today.

I love dark chocolate. If I was stranded on a desert island and had to choose between wine, cheese, bread, pizza or chocolate for the rest of my life  . . . I think I'd always choose the chocolate (and well, sometimes the wine). 

That said, chocolate cravings can tell you something. Dark Chocolate is chock full of magnesium and if you find yourself always seriously craving chocolate, you’re probably just magnesium deficient.

Repeat after me — this crazy chocolate craving is not about WILLPOWER people, it could be a magnesium deficiency! 

Hallelujah, right? 

At least 75% of the American population is magnesium-depleted. And I'd argue that highly motivated, driven — and stressed out — people, who also live in big cities, are severally deficient in magnesium.   

Yes, that likely means YOU.

DSC_1095 (1).jpg

So, what the heck is magnesium?

Magnesium is a chill-out mineral — it helps regulate blood glucose and blood pressure, protects the proper functioning of the adrenals and female hormones, promotes muscle recovery, enhances a sense of CALM, helps you relax and allows you sleep like a baby.

Doesn’t that sound nice?


Caffeine and alcohol deplete our bodies of magnesium and chronic STRESS robs our bodies of this precious mineral little by little. 

It makes sense from an ancestral perspective. Our body knows to temporarily shut down our own production of magnesium if we're stressed. Hundreds of thousands of years ago — if cortisol and adrenaline were pumping through our veins as we’re running from a tiger — we'd stop producing magnesium. Same thing happens today, but from the stressors of daily life, emails from the boss, deadlines and tough commutes.

Action Steps

So! What do to about it? I'm glad you asked.

Counteract chronic magnesium depletion and go get yourself some magnesium supplements. Try: 

Always supplement with your magnesium at night because it is a chill-out mineral. Many of my clients find their chocolate cravings disappear within a week of consistent magnesium supplementation.

Bonus: You’ll sleep like a rock, poop like a rockstar (yes, magnesium helps with bowel movements too) and your chilled out self will thank me later.

And when all else fails, eat the damn chocolate. 

Health Coach Tip: I recommend skipping the sugary milk chocolate and always choosing the highest quality dark chocolate you can find, (with a cacao content or 75% or higher).

Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor, so always consult with a medical professional and do your own research before you start a supplementation regime. 

Why I Wrote This

My goal is to help people who are experiencing the same stressed-out symptoms I had five years ago — and fix their issues with stress NOW.

As a stress-less Health & Wellness Coach, I help you navigate the tricky grey area of adrenal imbalances and optimize your nutrition and lifestyle to upgrade your entire picture of health. Even if it feels overwhelming, it’s better to tackle stress early, than wait for decades as your stress manifests itself in to serious chronic illness or lifestyle disease.

Today, I support countless clients with stress and adrenal imbalances and here’s what I tell them during our initial consultations:  

If you suspect you have an adrenal imbalance, you most likely do. If you’ve tried to ask your doctor but they didn’t listen, you’re not alone. I believe you. I believe in the validity of your symptoms and that they’re trying to tell you something.  

You got this,