So, What the Bleep is a Health Coach?

I get asked this question a lot.

I tell my prospective clients that a health coach is a blend of a nutritionist, personal trainer, best friend, and therapist. Some of my clients call me their food therapist, their nutrition cheerleader, their career counselor, their confidant, their go-to stress guru or quite simply, their coach.

In an age where we're expected to do all the things, all the time, your health can take a toll. Climb the corporate ladder, rock your sales presentation, bring on new business, hit your quota, answer all your emails ASAP, clear your inbox and get that next promotion. Throw in socializing with your friends, dating or spending time with your partner, traveling to see your family — all the while somehow figuring out how to eat a vegetable and get to that class at the gym. You're busy and it's a lot.


I hear you, and I've been there. I was a go-go-go overachiever, working in Finance, who hit burnout and dealt with a cascade of adrenal issues.

Here's the thing: no matter how many high intensity workouts you do, diets you try, detoxes you suffer through, or promising products you experiment with, you can’t seem to elevate your energy, improve your sleep, get those dark circles to disappear, boost your mood, lose that 10 pounds . . . you name it.

And most frustrating of all, you’re starting to notice that you’re more tired, more stressed, and less resilient than ever.

Ugh, right?

But, you’re determined to find a solution. You’ve got a hunch that there’s a way to make your body work for you now and for the long-term.


Well, congratulations. You’ve landed in the perfect place.

Here are some of the results you can expect to see working with a health coach:

  • Freedom from endless fatigue and insomnia.

  • Improved mood and capacity for dealing with tough moments.

  • Loss of excess weight and reduced inflammation.

  • Improved mental clarity and quickness.

  • Elevated energy without reliance on caffeine.

  • Integration of self-care practices that center and calm you.

  • Clarity about which foods support your excellence and which don’t.

  • Improved digestion and bowel regularity, bye-bye bloating and gas.

  • Renewed sense of admiration and respect for your body.

  • Feelings of total confidence about how to manage your health.

  • Elevated mojo to go the extra mile at work and in life.

So if you’re tired of feeling tired, ready to get unstuck or simply take it to the next level with the health you know you deserve — sign up for a session with a health coach and see if it’s the right fit for you.

I’m currently all booked out for January, but am currently accepting new clients for February 2019. Here’s my scheduling link for consultations — I suggest you schedule soon because these will go fast!

PS: the initial consultation is free!