Spring Bucket List #2017

Before we spring forward, let's rewind. Wayyyy back to January 2006. 

I made a "Bucket List" of everything fun and out of the box I wanted to do that winter and spring at Middlebury College. It included, cross-country skiing, a trip to Lake Dunmore, root beer floats at A&W and most hilariously, "shoe-shoeing" (I'd spelled snow-shoeing wrong).

I have the list saved somewhere in a storage box, because I ended up keeping it on my bulletin board front and center for the next 2.5 years of college. It reminded me to get my head out of the books and break from the same old routine of study | run SO many miles | party | REPEAT.

Manhattan Skyline View from LIC Waterfront.

Manhattan Skyline View from LIC Waterfront.

I didn't finish all my adventures that Sophomore Year at Middlebury and I'm glad I didn't give myself a hard deadline. In fact, it wasn't until a couple years after graduating that I finally crossed "shoe-shoeing" off the list.

Instead, the list served as a "vision board-esqe" reminder to break from my beloved routine, go on some adventure, laugh with friends and make some memories.

I was reminded of this strategy to think outside the box recently by one of my nutrition health coaching clients - who also just so happens to be Middlebury College grad! A couple months ago, she created an outdoor adventure list of places she'd like to visit outside Boston - as a reminder to create healthy weekend plans with friends that involved walking, hiking, sight-seeing and being in nature.

I was inspired. 

Feel free to jot down yours on a scrap of paper, take a photo and send it to me! I'd love to see what you're excited to get after. 

Again, I'm not holding myself to any specific deadline. If some activities end up happening next spring or later this year - ALL GOOD.

So without further adieu. Here is my 2017 Spring Bucket List!

1. New York Botanical Garden

I truly think now (end of April, early May) is the best time to hit up this Bronx oasis. My parents took me as a kid, but I think I'd have a renewed appreciation as an adult. Plus, long weekend walks are my jam. Have you been? Send me any recommendations about best time of year to go, pretty please. 

View through gates of Gramercy Park

View through gates of Gramercy Park

2. Intrepid 

A few weeks ago, Alex mentioned he'd never been to the Intrepid Sea + Ship Museum. Which makes total sense (he's from Ohio). I think my parents took me when I was about 10 years old since we grew up just outside the city. And it was FREEZING and windy along the Hudson. That said, we might have to save this one for the Fall, based on a busy schedule the next few weekends.

3. Five Mile Runs to Music


I've gotten in a great habit of hitting up strength training workouts 2-4 times a week at Beyond Movement Fitness in Long Island City (LIC) that I LOVE, and running has purposefully taken a backseat since the NYC Marathon this past November. I run with my running clients 1-2 times a week, so I'm getting in a few runs, but I miss going out on my own five mile runs to music and just feeling, thinking and flyyyying. 

After a full afternoon of my health coaching client calls + video calls, I like to get in a 20 minute walk along the water to unwind

After a full afternoon of my health coaching client calls + video calls, I like to get in a 20 minute walk along the water to unwind

4. Hiking in the Hudson


When I can't stop thinking of hiking and vista hunting, it's time to schedule a day in the woods. 

Close to NYC, I'd recommend Breakneck Ridge, Minnewaska State Park, Harriman State Park (flatter), Mohonk Mountain House or Mohonk Preserve. Email me at michelle@fitvista.com for more details. 

5. Wearing my Black Vegan Leather Jacket

I finally got a black leather jacket this Christmas and all my outfits are starting to CLICK. It was certainly the missing piece in my wardrobe for the last few years.

Hint, hint, there is a new FitVista tee shirt color coming out any day now .... can you guess the color? It's going to look really good with YOUR black leather jacket. You can always buy a FitVista tee for $30. They're Bella & Canvas brand, so soft and the highest boutique quality. Just email me. 

6. Reading my White Kindle on Waterfront

The LIC waterfront boardwalk is spectacular. We also have a really sweet roofdeck on our building and our own private terrace, both with reading-friendly lounge chairs. I can't wait to get in the habit of reading outside.

I would highly recommend the book "Unbound: A Story of Snow and Self-Discovery" (my Instagram shoutout here).

I'm currently reading Girl in the Woods. I dig epic stories about hiking the Pacific Crest Trail (like Wild!), but warning: the story of how the protagonist was raped in college is sad and could be triggering for some.

Next on my list is Dreamland: The True Tale of America's Opiate Epidemic and The Ramblers.

Day before my Florida Writer's Retreat began

Day before my Florida Writer's Retreat began

7. Girls Weekends

First quarter of the year was all about getting a strong start on my business for the year (CHECK - amazing new clients!), taking care of my health and making sure my recently balanced hormones and healed adrenal fatigue were well-taken care of and stayed consistent (CHECK - I feel amazing and systems are working) and well, sort of hibernating with Alex most weekends (CHECK!).

But I've been missing some girl time and being more social. Good news is I booked a trip to Philly last weekend for Easter (so fun) and am gearing up for Alex's sister's Bridal Shower + Bachelorette Party in Columbus, Ohio this weekend. Woot woot.

In May we have three weddings, my cousin in LA, my original personal trainer in northern NJ and Alex's sister .... in northern Scotland!  

Operation FUN in the second quarter is happening. 

Whole30 Chicken Salad has been my go to recently. Yum.

Whole30 Chicken Salad has been my go to recently. Yum.

8. Spring Greens

Spring is all about greens and inventive salads. I'll be writing about this more specifically in my book, but in short, we've got to eat spring greens coming out of the winter and transitioning in to summer months. Just think of the little sprouts coming out of the dirt this time of year. They're incredibly detoxing for our systems and "mustard greens" and bitter leaves are actually GREAT for you this time of year. 

I've been making sprout smoothies and incorporating more raw and fresh salads in to my lunches and dinners. It's a beautiful way to lighten up a bit after eating heavier food during the colder months. 

I made beet dip with tahini and garlic. It was interesting + pretty good! Most importantly, EASY.

I made beet dip with tahini and garlic. It was interesting + pretty good! Most importantly, EASY.


I know! We still haven't seen it yet. Alex is going to take me and we have to make this happen when it's still in theaters! 

10. New Shorts

You guys, I need to buy new shorts. My bootay is stronger now that I've been strength training all winter and well, my old shorts don't quite fit. What brand of shorts do you love? I've been a J.Crew fanatic for the last 15 years, but I seem to be in-between sizes now. Grrr. 

11. Bike Rides up Hudson to see Cherry Blossoms

I own my own hybrid bike and way back in 2009 / 2010 / 2011 and sometimes 2013 / 2014,  I'd bike up the West Side highway bike path, over the George Washington Bridge, up the river path to 9W and back down. It's a solid four hour trip from most of Manhattan, filled with epic views, tough hills and lots of satisfaction. It's pretty powerful to bike your way out of this crazy city. BRING SNACKS. I may not get to this trip until the summer, but that's OKAYYYY.

12. Crushing On 

I've been crushing on The Five Minute Journal .

These Gold Salt Shoes by New Balance / J.Crew Collaboration.

Just bought this Seed Sheet from Middlebury College Alum who was on Shark Tank. Herb garden coming at ya.

Bought a five-pack deal of blowouts from a local salon. My hair will be bouncing in to Spring, hallelujah! 

 . . . and workouts outside! BRING IT ON. 

One of my besties is having a BABY BOY any week now. I'm so excited for snuggles with her first child. <3

Branchy, our reindeer, is all ready for spring with his eucalyptus.&nbsp;

Branchy, our reindeer, is all ready for spring with his eucalyptus. 


Want to hang in person this spring? Check out these events I'm JAZZED to be leading.

Buy your tickets now and would love to see you there!

Thursday 4/27, 7-9pm: FITVISTA + HOLISTIC HAPPENING PRESENT // An Evening of Stress Relief, at Sacred Waters in LIC. 

Saturday 4/29 : When to Jump, Jump Club II : Ever think about making a big career change? I'm leading a four mile run in Prospect Park Saturday AM, then a mentored breakout session 12-2pm for all aspiring "jumpers". The afternoon will feature keynote speakers, live music, networking and plenty of locally-sourced food & beverages. Past keynotes include Sheryl Sandberg and other world-class presenters. With limited tickets, this event will likely sell out - so get yours here! And for a friends and family discount, use VIPNYC or my special #FitVista 15% off! 

Sunday 5/21, 11:30am, a NUTRITION talk at BeMoFit by ME! My topic is "Sexy Veggies, Sexy You" and I'll have green smoothie samples, a 20-25 minute presentation and a lot of Q&A. Would love to see you! Mark your calendars. This event is free. 

Wednesday 6/28, 7pm: Middlebury College Alumni Event: Fun Run in Central Park, lead by yours truly! Official details to follow by the Middlebury Alumni Office Email / Events Page. 


Seriously, xo,