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You guys know I've been preaching the benefits of stretching, balance and stress-relief for quite some time now. After dragging my feet for a couple years, knowing I *should* make yoga a part of my weekly routine (rather than only going about once a month), I finally committed to a weekly practice at a nearby studio in May 2016 and have been very consistent over the past year! 

I feel so much more OPEN in my body and torso and it's definitely helped my running too. 

So, I was thrilled when Michaela suggested we partner up and each write about how to fit in our favorite exercise in to A BUSY WEEK. Here's my piece, Five Ways to Incorporate Quick Workouts in to Your Busy Week, as featured on Yoga Wellness Mom

So let's get right to it! Here's advice from my friend and YOGA EXPERT, Michaela Horvathova! 

xo, Michelle

Michaela getting in her 15 minutes.

Michaela getting in her 15 minutes.



A modern woman nowadays is like a superhero -- expected to be a success in all areas of her life, while also radiating happiness and having energy for everything and everyone, while looking and feeling beautiful. 

Yet, we are conditioned to believe that self-care is selfish, and should only be done after you finished your tasks; as a reward. However, there are so many benefits by focusing on self-care first! It just takes a little organizing, prioritization and self-love. 

Giving yourself the gift of self-care will completely change your life. The self-care practice I'm talking about today is YOGA.  

Think of yoga as a one stop shop. It is a great physical exercise, helps you to be more spiritual, improves your relationship with yourself and others, and motivates you to be more conscious at work, as well as giving you lots of energy. 

So how do you start YOUR Yoga Practice? 



Your practice should be tailored to your life. This concept of “bio-individuality yoga” simply means that no one yoga practice works for everyone. 

I encourage you to take a look at your schedule and block out 10-15 minutes, 3 times a week to start. A little bit of yoga, done often will bring you more benefits than a long class once a week. 

You can find endless amounts of yoga videos on YouTube, or you can just pick a few poses and create your own “flow-yoga”. 



Most yoga studios offer a free yoga class for new students.  Search for local studios near you, call and ask about this option and ask about their most popular class for beginners. 

I hear from many people how they didn’t like their first class, therefore they never went back (too advanced, or too slow). Not all classes are created equal!  Every teacher has a different style and you will like some more than others. 

So get out there, try different studios and teachers and enjoy this process!! With this method you will also meet many like minded people who will light the path for you.  


Purchase a couple yoga outfits that are designed to move with you while you practice yoga. 

It’s so important to feel comfortable and not have to adjust yourself every time you change poses.  A bra that’s supportive, yoga pants that don't always slide and a shirt that will stay in place will make your practice enjoyable. 

When going shopping, pick colors that make you happy and make you feel beautiful.  There are so many fabulous options now that allow you to go from a yoga studio to dinner with your friends without having to change.  I love Lululemon (and Fabletics for more affordable options).


Visit your local library or bookstore and explore different books on yoga and you will find different styles and teachers that will inspire you. The history and philosophy of yoga is fascinating as well and will give you a different perspective for your practice and life.  

>>>> No time to make it to the bookstore? Check out Michaela's Instagram here! 


I always suggest to have at least one private lesson with a yoga teacher that you like in the beginning. 

It might seem like a luxury, but actually is a necessity.  When you work with a teacher one on one, this allows time for you to learn proper alignment which is so important to prevent injury in your practice.  This will be your foundation to a successful yoga lifestyle.  You can also ask questions without feeling like you're interrupting a class.  

Overall, have an open mind and have fun!!



PS: Ever since I became a mother, my time is limited and I usually don’t have time to drive out to a yoga studio and take an hour class as much as I used to.  So my practice now happens to be on a play mat with my daughter, in bed upon waking (light stretches and breath work) or in the kitchen or outside on our walks.  No matter how busy my day is, I always take this time to connect to myself.  By doing so I am able to be the best mommy to my little angel, honoring both of our needs. 

For inspiration on all things wellness you can find Michaela at or Instagram: MiCHAELAHORVATHOVA


Michaela Horvathova, founder of, empowers women to live a healthy and fulfilling life.  She is a Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Yoga & Meditation Teacher and a Proud Mommy.  Her journey into the wellness industry began a decade ago when she first learned yoga on her own in her living room.  Since then, her passion for a deeper meaning of life began and evolved as she traveled the world, learning from experts and sharing her knowledge whenever possible.  

Thanks for reading! xo, Michelle