The 5 Veggies the Wellness World is Sneaking in to their Smoothies in 2017

Hey FitVista Crew! Here's a piece I wrote up and a shared with my private health coaching clients earlier this year and I hope it resonates with YOU today too. xo, Michelle

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Frozen ripe bananas are SO 2014. 

We've got a new crew in town and they're adding nutrition, fiber, bulk and that creamy texture to your green smoothies and smoothie bowls, without spiking your blood sugar. 

Most recipes from "back in the day" call for ONE or sometimes TWO frozen bananas. While I love fruits and encourage my clients to eat them, they can add up to a ton of sugar when blended in to a smoothie.

One medium banana has 27 grams of carbs and 14 grams of sugar! My suggestion? Reduce your banana use to 1/4 to 1/2 a frozen ripe banana and experiment adding in one of these veggies below. 

Scroll down to see a summary of the sexy ingredients the wellness world is sneaking in to their insta-worthy eats these days, and pretty soon, you'll be taking your green smoothies to whole new heights of satisfaction and nutrition this year.



1. Zucchini

Trust me on this one, you won't taste it. Throw an entire green or yellow zucchini in to your blender and you'll get that creamy texture that is perfect for a smoothie bowl. Plus, added fiber and a serving of vegetables to count for your 8-9 servings a day. 

Pro Tip: Know your zucchini is organic if the PLU code on the little sticker starts with a 9. 

2. Cucumber

Cucumbers are hydrating powerhouses and special agents for glowing skin. Hungover? Add cucumber to your morning smoothie. Cucumbers tend to be on the watery side, so don't expect the magical thickening effect of the banana or zucchini. 

Pro Tip: Peel your cucumber. I've found that skin doesn't blend well, whereas, the zucchini skin does just fine in the blender.


3. Cauliflower

This cancer-fighting cruciferous veg is another superstar way to add in bulk and that creamy texture to your smoothies. Use raw cauliflower florets, cauliflower rice or frozen cauliflower rice. 

Pro Tip: Go slow. A little bit doesn't taste like much. But too much and you could overwhelm your taste buds and your digestive system. Ease in to it babe. If you need a little extra digestive loving, try steaming your cauliflower first and letting it cool in the fridge or freezer. 

4. Avocado

Is Avocado a Fruit? Fine, stick with me here. Try adding 1/4 of this healthy fat "vegetable" to get that same desired creaminess factor, similar to the banana, zucchini or cauliflower. 

Pro Tip: Cut up 1/4 of the avocado for today and dice the rest in to chunks to keep in your freezer for future smoothies creations. 


5. Sprouts

Sprouts pack a ton of nutritional value. Just think, they're the little seeds that could go on to create an entire leaf or head of lettuce. There are a ton of varieties: Clover sprouts, alfalfa sprouts, chickpea sprouts, the list goes on. Check out your natural foods store and choose organic. Use a handful and you can barely taste them! 

Pro Tip: Make my Chocolate Spouts Milk! It's 100% boyfriend-approved. 

The Final Blend

Experiment. Go easy on yourself. Some will work out, some won't.

I've been making green smoothies with my Nutribullet for over five years and it takes time to nail your favorite taste profiles and go-to, "don't have to think, it's still 7am" combinations. 

Need a blender? Check out my >> Top 10 Reasons Why I Love My Nutribullet << Blog Post here. 


So here's my go-to green smoothie. I swear, it DOES sorta taste like ice-cream. 

My Go-To Green "Ice-cream" Smoothie Recipe

  • 1/4 to 1/2 frozen ripe banana 
  • Handful of greens like spinach or sprouts
  • Sprinkle of Cauliflower Rice (optional)
  • Half a Peeled Cucumber or half a Zucchini 
  • Almond milk
  • 1-2 Scoops Vegan Chocolate Protein Powder

Blend Greens + Almond Milk first. Then add banana and chocolate protein powder, blend again. Use less almond milk if you're making a smoothie bowl.


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