5 Ways to Shift Your Energy (without food or caffeine)

Sometimes we eat to shift how we feel. 

Hold up, this is not 'woo, woo," it’s science!

When you eat, some blood leaves your brain and rushes to your digestive tract. This creates a (short-term) respite from anxiety, stress, overwhelm or spinning thoughts.

When you drink caffeine, your adrenals super-charge, which can (temporarily) override feelings of sluggishness, sadness or fatigue.  

When you eat sugar, the blood sugar rush IS a direct hit to the dopamine centers of your brain. 


But there are healthier ways to shift your energy - and tackle that 3pm slump - without adding inches to your waistline or keeping you up all night, wired from a caffeine-overdose. 



5 Healthy Shifts

Here are some healthy, non-food related ways to shift your energy when you’re at home, at your desk OR transitioning from a busy day in to relaxation mode. 


1. A Shower : Hot, Cold or Alternating Hot / Cold : I recommend my clients take extra showers or rinse-off while on business trips or on hot NYC summer days. It’s one of the best ways to change how you feel in your body without digging in to the ice-cream or planning out your next iced coffee break. At work? Splash some cold water on your cheeks or put a cold paper towel briefly on the back of your neck.

2. Take a Walk : Try a 10 minute walk and look for green as a form of walking meditation. Get out of your own head for a few minutes by noticing green trees, green flower stems or green plants along your route. Find a loop that’s exactly 10 minutes (or 15 or 20) and next time you go, ditch your technology and walk without your phone. You’ll feel surprisingly refreshed returning to your workplace.

3. A 10 Minute Massage : Hit up the nail salon for a back and neck massage in the forward reclining chairs. Just 10 minutes can melt away stress, work on any knots in your back , mitigate a tension headache and even take away food cravings.

4. Power Nap : At home? Put yourself down for a 20 minute power nap and let your brain waves rest and reset. This could be all you need to power through your work project or recharge for an evening social engagement. Even if you don’t fall asleep, just lying in the dark with your eyes closed can calm down your nervous system.

5. Music : At work or commuting home? Rock out to a few of your favorite songs of the moment. Music has been proven to elevate your mood and change your energy.  


Try one of these next time you feel the blahs and let me know how it goes at michelle@fitvista.com -  I love hearing from you!

Xo, Michelle