A Little Story on Vitamin D


Let me tell you a little story about Vitamin D, aka, liquid sunshine.

In early May, I got my annual bloodwork done at my doctor and asked about my Vitamin D levels. I definitely felt the winter blahs earlier this year and didn’t do a good job of supplementing through the winter (like I advise my health coaching clients to do — hey, it happens! ).

So I was really pleased, and a bit surprised, when my doctor told me my numbers were fine, and I was in the healthy range for Vitamin D. He told me that I should just "keep doing what I'm doing" because it's great!

Okay, I thought. I guess I'm good!

Then thankfully, he handed me a print-out of my results and I walked out of the office. I found a seat outside and pulled out the paper to review my numbers myself. Thankfully, I've been trained to look at my client's bloodwork to teach them how to optimize their health and not just settle for the standard American averages. 

The standard and safe range for Vitamin D is between 30-100. Anything less than 30 is considered deficient and you might experience these symptoms : bad mood, low energy, winter blahs or compromised immunity. Not fun!  

lipstick brush.png

I tell my clients to aim for Vitamin D levels between 50-70, which is idea for optimal health, immunity and mood.

Anything in the 70-100 range is technically still safe, but is primarily used for intensive healing and targeted supplementation typically monitored by a doctor.

So, my friends . . . . my Vitamin D levels were at 33! 

That's so low! That's practically deficient!

Why did my doctor tell me I was "doing just great and keep on going!" when it's clear I was borderline and I'd expressed that I'd suffered from the winter blues and specifically asked about my Vitamin D levels? 

Once I got over being frustrated with the entire system, I was, in a sense, relieved because I knew I could take action.

Here's what I've done the last 6-8 weeks:

  • Aim to get 15-20 minutes of sun-midday (without SPF) for optimal Vitamin D absorption.
  • When I'm outside, try to show as much skin as possible to soak up all the rays ;) 
  • When I'm at the beach, wait 15-30 minutes before applying sunscreen.
  • Supplement with this Vitamin D Lotion daily  - because, FYI we don't absorb much Vitamin D from food.

I haven't been tested, but I feel great and I know that my levels are climbing.

Bottom line

Look at your numbers, aim for optimal levels. Don't settle for the average American standards, because you have the tools to do better than that and feel AMAZING.

Need help? Come to me. We should talk.

Disclaimer: of course, don't get burned. Please always bring sunscreen.