5 Second Sugar-Free Lemonade Recipe

What I'm Sipping on this Summer

I'm all about the beverages. Seltzer, wine, coffee, kombucha, a great craft beer —  gimme, gimme, gimme. 

That said, some beverages can come loaded with sugar and carbs and can be disastrous for your health and your waistline. So I was pretty psyched when I created this deliciously sippable lemonade a few years ago . . . and I actually feel bad I haven't shared my secret recipe with you all yet!

So here you go! Quick and easy. 5 Seconds. Promise. 


Step #1 Grab a Big Glass or Mason Jar

I like to use recycled 30 oz mason jars we saved from some marinara sauce a couple years ago, so keep a look out for food in pretty glass jars you can save and reuse. But if you don't have any jars on hand, simply a big glass or these mason jars on Amazon would do the trick.

STEP #2 Add Lots of Ice and Water

Ice makes this beverage incredibly refreshing. Add water 'til your cup is about 3/4 full. 


I swear by the brands Santa Cruz and Lakewood for on-the-go pre-squeezed natural and pure lemon juice. It's simply natural lemon juice from organic lemons, with no added sugar. A bottle lasts for 4-6 weeks in your fridge and saves you so much time every day. 

I pour a generous serving, probably about 1/2 an inch of lemon juice.  

PSA: The same brands sell actual lemonade (with a ton of sugar) so make sure you're buying the right bottle with ZERO calories, ZERO SUGAR listed on the back if you pick this up at your local Natural Foods store, Whole Food or grocery store. 



I use 2-3 drops of stevia, and that's it.

Some clients use a bit of coconut sugar or drip of maple syrup, but FYI that's going to add some real sugar and calories to your bev.

Step #5 CHEERS

Stir and sip and adjust to taste. I like mine sour with extra lemon.

Maybe even add a beautiful metal straw to save the environment. Or replace the water in this recipe with club soda and this beverage makes a great mocktail substitute for an alcoholic drink. 

On a health front, real lemon is super alkalinizing, cleansing and detoxing for your insides. I'll cheers to that!

Enjoy this sugar-free, zero-calorie beverage! 


PSA: The acid from the lemon can erode your teeth enamel over time. That's why I prefer to drink this via a straw and slush my mouth out with water afterwards. ALSO, *avoid* brushing your teeth 30 minutes after drinking. I don't want you digging the lemon even further in to your teeth by brushing aggressively. Just rinse.