Is it a Hell Yes? Or a Hell No?

September can get really busy.

Back to school, back to work. Adjusting to a new schedule and a new set of clothing for chiller (or rainy) weather.

In New York City, we have the bustle of the U.S. Open, New York Fashion Week and the meeting of the United Nations that brings the Fall hustle back to the city streets.


I like to tell my clients that September is the new January.

Can you feel the collective energy of renewed inspiration, new goals and change in the air?

I say, harness that energy and decide what you want the rest of your 2018 to look like.

There are 108 days left in the year.

How do you want the rest of 2018 to go for yourself?

That said, if you want to DO MORE, you have to start out by DOING LESS.

Yup, you heard me right.

Like I said, September can get really busy. If your schedule is packed with obligations and commitments and work travel, you're not going to have time or energy for your new workout plan, your healthy meal prep or frankly, the most important thing, sleep.

When faced with an overpacked schedule, I challenge my clients to ask themselves, is this a HELL YES? If not, I tell them, it's a hell NO.

That's your gut talking to you.

lipstick brush.png

Sure, I know some commitments are non-negotiable. But volunteering for that extra thing? Or saying yes to coffee with the former colleague you didn't even really like, just to be nice?

Cut it out.

Here a few examples of changes my clients are making this Fall. They're doing less, so they can DO MORE.

  • One client is skipping the fall season of her choir so she can get an extra 5 hours back in her week — she's focused on increasing her workouts and clocking a couple extra hours of sleep on Sunday mornings.

  • One client is cutting out wine on weeknights so she can crush her sales goals at work and commit to a weekly evening yoga class.

  • Another client is deferring a few nonessential work trips so he can instead focus on his core business, while also taking a weekly meditation class and getting an extra 30 minutes of sleep per night.

See how we have to give up a few things before we can add more to our plate?

Just like you, I'm someone who wants to do ALL THE THINGS, all THE TIME.

This lesson did not come easy to me. So that's why I teach it.

To avoid overwhelm, stress-less, and actually enjoy this beautiful thing called life, sometimes we need to do less and learn to feel really good about it.

So, what can you cut out this weekend? What's not really a HELL YES?

Email me and let me know! I'd love to hear how you’re re-strategizing your schedule for the Fall.

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